Katreva (katreva) wrote in slashettes,


I suppose this is sort of my self-welcoming post. So, hello to everyone else here... obviously, I'm a slash-lover, or I wouldn't be here in the first place... my current fandoms of choice are Harry Potter, the X-files, Dogma, and Dead Poets Society. The... wonderfulness! I'm sort of an addict, though, and am completely taken with a bunch of random pairings; I love Sam/Frodo and Dib/Zim (o_O Yes)... and other stuff. But I dunno. Anyway! All I really wanted to say was hello to you guys.

I noticed that the last post was a list of someone's favorite pairings... but, what are everyone else's? Just curious. Also... since I'm in a question-ey mood: What would you say are your strangest favorite pairings?

And oddly enough, I don't feel like answering my own questions at the moment. o_o But soon. Anyway, hello again, and goodbye for now.
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